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The safety of our students is paramount at all times so supervision is provided for students on the playground before morning and afternoon entry times, as well as at recesses.  

All students are to enter and exit the school through the back door.  Please arrange to pick up students after school outside the back door by the playground, or at a pre-arranged meeting spot outdoors.  This helps minimize distractions for all students and allows teachers to conclude their lessons appropriately and to ensure orderly dismissals.

For the safety of our students, we ask that the staff parking lot be off limits to parents for drop off, waiting, or parking.

"Children have difficulty judging oncoming vehicles’ speed and a tendency to dart out into the street in pursuit of a friend, pet or toy. Also, their short height makes children harder for drivers to see. A child's reaction to danger differs from that of an adult; for instance, the approach of a car may prompt a child to run faster across the street instead of staying on the sidewalk as an adult would. Fatigue and lack of attention increase the risk of a child suffering a pedestrian injury on the way to or from school" (Transportation Alberta, 2015).